I Bought A Private Island (2023)


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I just bought that private island lantern.

I honestly cannot believe you can just buy an island look at it.

This looks like a screen saver and this is our first time stepping foot on our brand new island.

It's handy now.

I know some of you might not believe that I bought this private island, which is why I brought this document, which proves I bought the island.

No joke I own this.

Do you have everything you need yeah? We got it also.

I guess you can leave, don't leave, stop it keep going go.

What are we doing now? We are now stranded on this private island for the next 24 hours and to celebrate.

Let's go explore the new island, because I have no idea what I buy.

I paid 730 000 for this island and I don't know what's on it.

This island is huge.

What the heck! The first thing I want to explore is the secret tunnel over here yeah we're in the jungle.

Now I thought we were on the beach.

This will take us all throughout the island.

This island has a beach.

It has a jungle, it has a cave, a cave, I'm just glad, there's no huge spiders.

That was just a branch.

Okay, that was the bridge.

Oh there's two paths here: boys: do we go left or do we go right? Left left? Okay, I guess we're going left by cameraman.

This is the good path I was told by the native animals.

Oh my god.

What? What is that go? Go, go, go, go! Go! We are empty soup of real pigs, hey piggy piggy! Are there pigs in this island? If there are pigs on my island? Do I own the pigs? Is that how this works? Wait? Taylor? What if we find an ostrich on here I'll, take it home? This is the craziest thing.

I've ever experienced.

I've never seen live pig like wild pigs.

Like that, I don't know.

I didn't even know you could buy an island a month ago, and this is the other side of the island that path cuts right through the middle.

This is the other coast bro.

It never ends how much more island is there jimmy.

This is ridiculous.

When I bought this island, I had no idea it was this big like look at it? We couldn't explore this whole thing.

If we wanted to it's so big, this is the most beautiful place.

I've ever been the water.

There goes on forever.

We are literally stranded in the middle of the ocean.

Does this have to only be 24 hours, I'm actually kind of okay with it? This is really cool and tomorrow's.

When we grab all the people from the lottery ticket, video put them on this island and have them compete for it.

Underneath this rock is the cave.

I was telling you about bro, it's freaking cool, holy cow.

We should probably wait until the tide gets a little lower, but come back chandler.

What's the name, five, four, three two, the island name is jeff, it's name is jeff, my name is jeff and now we're gonna head back on the other path on the island yo.

This is gonna, be a long walk cause the island's so big tyler.

Is that what you've been doing this whole time is this for the boys I'll test it out.

It looks amazing, though I feel like I could do better.

This is actually really cool.

It's perfect for cuddling.

The view from here is insane all right, nap time.

Whatever you do, don't send this to maddie.

Having a girlfriend doesn't mean you can't cuddle with the boys.

It's time we get to business.

Yeah jeff needs to be suitable for human life, chris you're in charge of the fire, food and building structures.

That's a lot! Okay! Well, you're good at everything, carl you're in charge of mapping the island that includes figuring out what animals are here, figure out what fish are around it and just drawing a map? Okay, that's easy! Tyler! You're in charge of writing the laws laws.

If we're all going to live on this private island, we need to be on the same page chandler.

You have the most important responsibility.

Of course you are in charge of waste management.

I don't want p here and p there and poop there and pee there centralized location for waste.

I got it, you got it.

I'm gonna dig a hole, so we can poop and pee.

Then I'm gonna cut a hole inside of a chair and then we're gonna sit on the chair and poop through the hole into the hole that I dug.

Chandler how's the poop hole coming it's coming good.

Why is it when it comes to pooping you're? This smart? I don't know man.

I just got a good thing for poop for all law number three chris cooks, food for all of us on the island tyler.

What's another law, you're working on uh chandler isn't allowed to leave.

Not until we all leave yeah, that's actually a really good law give it up.

Pooping is only allowed in chandler's toilet.

That's a good law team trees, no cutting down trees, agreed sharks are always allowed on the island.


These laws are definitely pointless.

Tyler must help chris signed.

I just need you to grab sticks for me.

Okay! Is that the stick? You got me? Oh man.

I appreciate it jimmy put me in charge of mapping out this island.

So by the end of this, I'm gonna know it as well.

As I know the back of my hand, I'm personally did you amazed your pants.

I heard like a rock and then I was like there's a monster behind me.

I don't know.

What's on this island, it's too big to tell all right have fun with the map.

Thank you.

I feel like.

I already have a really well drawn out map, so I'm gonna spend the rest of the time finding wildlife, honestly things on jeff are going pretty well.

At this rate, jeff will be a modern society in under 2 000 years.

That was funny.

I have a flare.

Why so people will get me off this island? Oh taylor, is that a flare gun I'm getting off the island? Oh wait, hey arrest him right now go to jail.

Taylor don't run away.

If he wants to run away, he can we can survive without him.

We have the toilet.

We just lost one of our own boys.

He can't leave we're literally in the middle of the ocean.

Go away, don't turn away.

Let's go do productive things.

I guarantee you when we make dinner he'll come back.

Can this be the new chandler? It's already more helpful.

Yes, actually we'll just have to proceed like chandler's dead.

Wait what just kidding, but we will have to proceed without them.

Okay, anyone else want some wieners.

I do.

I know you do hey chris.

Can you build a fire? I can jimmy.

You go, find little sticks.

You medium sticks.

You rocks chris.

Where do you want? Your sticks? Just put them beside the hut.

If there was an explosion, I'm mad, that's an ugly rock chris will hate that I'm turning this into a bunch of medium sticks all right.

Let's go spy on jimmy, let's steal their stuff.

Okay, I can hear them I'm approaching, but they don't know, I'm very close, I'm going for the cameras.

This is war.

Please keep that camera going dude! Please keep that camera safe.

We got to go.

We gotta go oh fancy meeting you here.

Why why'd you run away? Well, you told them to arrest me.

So I left.

If I got caught with this camera, I was gonna.

Come back, welcome back to jeff all right, all right, I'm a free man time to eat some weenies guys I'd say we had a pretty good day.

I know you guys have all been wondering what did I pack for food? I brought hot dogs yeah.

I brought more hot dogs, yeah and bananas why hot dogs and bananas later that same evening before we go to the cave, we must light our tiki torches touch tips to the cave cave.

This is so much scarier at night tyler.

What do you think of the cave? It looks terrifying.

I'm going in okay, don't light your hat on fire bro! Oh, that was just water.

All right, tyler, say: hey, hey hold up we're exploring.

It goes farther.

Oh my god.

What are you doing? Bro the whole game could fit.


Let me out come on it's midnight on a deserted island and we're exploring a deep cave that none of us even knows what it goes to.

That was the scariest experience of my life.

Did you guys enjoy that yeah? You want to go to another cave yeah.

You guys are probably wondering where's the next game, yeah.

Well, it's right below us and this cave is 10 times larger than the other one we sized it.

We are now at the entrance of the cave.

This is going to be epic.

Let's do it guys.

Let's continue all right, let's go hurry.

Anyone else, afraid! Oh, my god, what yo it wraps all the way around? No, this thing keeps going yeah we gotta just keep going.

We can't get out what are the rules about peeing in the cave? No don't already right there, they're so close to the exit.

I just saw something move way down the tunnel.

We're done with the caves for tonight.

Let's head back: let's go: is the island bigger or something? I don't recognize any of this guys? Are we lost um guys? Oh, oh wait.

You heard that you heard that though, okay I did two held up hold up.

Hi come on.

Come on carl, you, man, the left wing.

Thank you stay there, but we can't go that way.

We we heard a wildlife, that's where we came from straight all right lead the way I guess great uh.

Does anybody want to switch spots? Oh, I know where we are the wrong side of the island, yeah we're on the north side or camp's on the south side.

All right, everyone follow me.

Chris wait.

Where's chris chris chris we're gonna stay silent.

Oh I found him.

Why didn't you? Let me scare somebody I was gonna scare carl.

You suck boo all right, we're back yeah! Thank goodness! I'm never following you guys again.

It's still my best I got us out of here.

Chris is the one who got us lost.

Uh jimmy told me to keep going straight.

Here's the thing chris built.

That's the thing, tyler built we're good, all right boys.

I say we end the night with some nighttime swimming night sweating.

The boys are now in the ocean at night at night.

Not joking! I didn't touch you, that's not a bit right now.

Is there actually something just right like grab my foot? Are we canceling night swimming? No, you swim and cancel yo.

Let's, let's sleep, we gotta okay, something's in the water, no brightness! Oh, I think that the head of the jellyfish hit me because that's what I felt nice swimming swimming.

I was next to him the whole time and I didn't get stuck yo.

It left like a line where it hit me.

You see that, like indention in my skin, that's kind of hurting yeah, it's all good, it's wrapped all the way around.

Are you told me we can't go back out there.

No mate swimming just can't first off tyler.

Thank you for building this.

Yes, thank you.

Second, I'm tired good night.

All right, we're, probably gonna, go to bed, wait! Carl uh uh, oh farts, good night, guys good night! Good morning, I slept for maybe an hour or two.

I got eaten alive all night by mosquitoes and I'm fine yeah having jellyfish wounds doing the good morning in my next video 10 people will be competing for this island.

Nine will lose and only one will get ownership of this island.

This video right here on your screen when you see it on your homepage or suggested, make sure you click it.

It's going to be the most epic video I've ever uploaded.

Someone is literally winning this entire island.

Bye, jeff, bye, jeff island, we'll win you later, mr b6 000.

Yeah, you know his name, he changed it once or twice, but I think it's here to stay.


Do you pay taxes if you own an island? ›

Do You Need To Pay Taxes On A Private Island? Yes. Since a private island will likely be under the ownership of a sovereign country, chances are, taxes will need to be paid on it. However, this can be a bit of a gray area when it comes to certain countries and their tax or fee laws.

Can you actually buy a private island? ›

You can find private islands for sale via Private Islands Inc. or Vladi Private Islands, or by contacting a realtor who specializes in big-ticket sales. Additionally, some high-end real estate companies, like Sotheby's International Realty or Christie's International Real Estate, list private islands for sale.

How does owning a private island work? ›

A private island is a disconnected body of land wholly owned by a private citizen or corporation. Although this exclusivity gives the owner substantial control over the property, private islands remain under the jurisdiction of national and sometimes local governments.

Do you make the laws if you own an island? ›

You have to obey all the laws of the country your island is in. Owning a property surrounded by water does not exempt you from the law.

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