Eliminate These 5 Foods That Harm Your Body! | Sadhguru Diet Plan| NEGATIVE PRANIC Food| Weight Loss (2023)


In Yoga, we do not look at foods in terms of vitamins,
minerals or proteins. We categorize food in the three
following ways – positive pranic food, and negative pranic
food, zero pranic food. Positive substances are those which,
when consumed, add prana to the system. The pranic
energy, the vital energy in the body, will increase. If you
consume negative pranic substances, they take away prana
from the system. They will stimulate you on a nervous level
but it will take away your vital energies. Zero pranic food
neither adds nor takes away. It is only eaten for taste.

Negative pranic substances:
• Garlic is definitely a very powerful medicine if it is used
properly. But if you put it in everyday food and eat it, it
can cause much damage to you.
• Onion: The body does not prefer onion. It shows it
dislikes with irritation that the eye feels when we chop it.
• Asafoetida is also one of the negative pranic items but is generally used in small quantities.
• Brinjal is the only vegetable that actually has some poison in it. There is a certain enzyme in
brinjal, which is capable of damaging the hypothalamus. Children should avoid this
• Chilli can be experimented with. However, if we abstain from it for some time and then take it,
the body will reject it.
• Coffee or tea are very powerful nervous stimulants. Constant abuse of nervous stimulants
will destroy the stamina in the long run. It will reduce the energy storage ability and make the
period of old age a bit difficult. Needless to say, all drugs and other nervous stimulants are
negative pranic.

Emotional instability is very much depended on the food that we eat. If we avoid food with
negative pranic substances, we’ll find that it becomes easy to attain emotional balance. The
negative pranic affects only these seven to eight food items, the rest all being positive.

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Garlic, onion asafoetida, green chilies, coffee tea.

The problem with the negative chronic food is just this.

The damage happens slowly and it is good, especially if you have growing children in your family, brinjal should be banished, eggplant should be banished otherwise you'll sabotage their intelligence before they grow up.

We look at the negative, chronic list, it's a much shorter list, but unfortunately it may be a list of all your favorite things too.

On top of the negative chronic list is garlic.

Garlic is a very powerful medicine, but it's one thing to consume something as a medicine and it's an entirely different thing to consume it as a daily food substance.

It has many many medicinal qualities in ayurveda and siddha.

We use garlic in a very powerful way for specific ailments, but now your logic is every day.

If I pop, whatever medicine I can I will be healthy.

Garlic is a very powerful medicine if properly used daily consumption.

No, no because it plays on your nervous system, big time.

It is a very strong nervous stimulant.

If you use garlic, your nervous nervous system gets stimulated in a big way, anything that stimulates now a system holds you up for some time and then dumps you daily usage of nervous stimulants in any form will slowly get you to a place that you become insensitive to life, that you cannot experience now.

Your holding dog is the ideal because he's more sensitive than you.

His nervous system is far more sensitive than you, because he can fill things and know things that you cannot know.

This is a higher designed than the dog.

Isn't it.

Garlic is good for my heart, there's also my cholesterol good for my blood pressure, good for digestion, even my doctor said, I must eat garlic.

If I can't eat garlic, there are some garlic extract.

Whatever you need to understand this much there is.

It is one thing to use something as medicine.

It is something totally different to use the same thing as food stuff.

Yes, garlic is a very powerful medicine if properly employed, because it is medicinal, if you just consume it as a part of your food you're, definitely causing damage to the system in ayurveda.

You know it's ayurveda in ayurveda, it says every leaf and every root found on this planet has some medicinal quality in it all the leaves and all the roots found on the planet have medicinal quality.

Just a few.

We have learned how to use rest.

We are yet to find out how to use.

If you want to know what kind of damage garlic is doing to you, make an ounce of garlic juice and drink it on an empty stomach and see we'll have to take you to the hospital for a stomach wash that's the kind of reaction.

It will have don't drink it.

The same goes for onion make an ounce of onion juice and drink it.

You will have similar reactions in the body, but with the onion.

Even when you're just cutting the onion is the body saying yes to onion or not onion, no body is saying no, but you won't leave it because somebody has told you it's good shall I continue the list or just I.

Don't want to become unpopular here.

Garlic, onion, asafoetida, green chilies, oh acaf, maybe you're not used to it.

It is something very commonly used in Indian cooking, it's a very strong stimulant.

Should I continue coffee tea? No tea means the caffeine.

Tea is the tea.

Other things are just placebos: okay, they're, not tea.

All these are nervous stimulants once in a way if you drink, they have some benefits, but if it becomes a daily thing slowly, it dulls your nervous system.

Your ability to experience life is gone.

I am saying: do everything by choice? Then there's no problem.

If you do it by choice, you know when to start when to stop, isn't it if you do it by compulsion, what you start you cannot stop.

This is the whole problem, so this is the only other vegetable which actually has some poison in it.

There is a certain chemical called sheratin in the brinjal which damages your hypothalamus, no hypothalamus, the real part of your brain, which plays an important role in your decision making and who you are right now.

It is not that if you eat one brinjal or one eggplant, your brains will cease if it was so by now.

There was no problem at all just that.

The problem with the negative chronic food is just this.

The damage happens slowly and it tastes good.

If you eat one garlic, you will fall dead, do I have to tell you don't eat it.

You won't touch it anyway or it tastes very bitter.

You won't touch it now.

It tastes good and the Damage happens slowly next, five years every day, if you eat eggplant I will assure you you will be definitely a far duller person than what you are right now for sure, especially if you have growing children in your family, brinjal should be banished, eggplant should be banished otherwise you'll sabotage their intelligence before they grow up next comes chili here you call it green pepper, red pepper.

Peppercorn is very good for you, but the green, pepper and red pepper are negative.


You go off chili just for 30 days and then put little chili into the body immediately.

You will have diarrhea people from this part of the world.

If they come to India their greatest challenge is Indian.

Curry can't handle.

It will spend half the time in India in the toilet, really people who come there first time not knowing they ate food and very tasty, they ate it.

Your tongue will like it, but your stomach can't hold it.

You won't be able to hold the moment.

The chili goes, diarrhea will happen.

Diarrhea means the body wants to throw it out.

It treats it almost like poison, but you can get used to it.

Just 30 days, you've eaten chili.

All your life just go off it for 30 days and then put little into it immediately.

The system wants to purge, it doesn't like it, but the tongue allows it.

Chile is the spirit of India.

Without it nothing moves.

You know the country moves on chilly.

It happened like this.

During the British era, one of the British generals was retired, so the Indian soldiers who were under him who loved him wanted to give him a party.

So they asked him to come for a party and he went they served him real, tasty food.

He also liked it and he ate it.

Next day morning he went to the toilet.

He came out and said now.

I know why the Indians don't use the paper.

They use water paper route anyway, catch fire foreign.


What are negative pranic foods? ›

Negative pranic foods are said to diminish your life force. Proponents of the pranic diet claim that you should limit or avoid garlic, onion, chili, tea, and coffee.

Are eggs pranic? ›

Meats, eggs, fish, and poultry are on the negative pranic food list but these foods are fine as long as they're cooked well and consumed in moderation.

What is a positive pranic food diet plan? ›

Positive Pranic (Sattvic) Foods

This food group includes most vegetables (except potatoes, tomatoes, garlic, onion, and eggplant). All fruits and berries, whether fresh or dried, are considered to be highly pranic, making them an essential part of the Sattvic diet.

Is meat a pranic food? ›

Meat is also considered as a low prana food because it is dead, and contains the negative emotional energies of the animals from when they were killed.

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