Buying Guns(Using Layaway) (2023)


Some new (and old) gun owners don't realize that firearms can be purchased using Layaway. A small down payment and pay it off over time

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Layaway layaway layaway, I said all the time.

That's gonna, be my new slogan now check it out.

Do me a favor and throw them l's up now we're gonna we're gonna gangbang a little bit today for all those, if you never gang bang in your life, here's your opportunity throw your heels up right now.

This is our gang sign today, cause we gonna be the layaway gang.

I myself, I'm the self-proclaimed king of leo- I'm not here to argue about it.

Don't wanna debate about it! I'm gonna tell you especially when it comes to this gun thing.

I've mastered the art.

I've never bought a gun that I didn't buy on layaway.

If you don't know what lay away is I'm gonna tell you channel if you're new here you might, you might get you some information.

Man go hit that subscribe button y'all make sure y'all hit the like button.

It helps especially as gun tubers man, because you guys know everything that's going on in the 2a community that they make it hard on us.

I ain't gonna front, so you know every time you hit the like button and leave a comment that helps us all so appreciate you now.

Y'all might think it's funny, but I saw this in the comments before when somebody said what is layaway, so I gave that guy hell that day, because I thought it was funny.

However, he was dead serious.

He didn't know what it was.

You know because some of y'all got the bag.

This is for my people who don't have the bag and for those of you who always wonder you know man, these guys got this gun, especially me, and I'm speaking mainly for myself man.

This guy got some decent guns.

Man, you know wonder what he do for a living.

You know how people do wonder what he's selling wonder what he do for a living.

Oh, how did he get the money for that one? If he's a youtuber, they don't make that kind of money.

He only got a few thousand subscribers.

How does he get people say all types when they come to these guns? It's an expensive hobby, it's not a game very expensive.

So if, if you see something you like out there and you want to get it and you walk in the store oftentimes, you miss out on it because you're going there today and say: oh damn, I like that one I'm going to get it, but I ain't got the money today, but I get paid next friday and guess what you already guessed: it's gone so now what you gonna do you're mad! Then you gotta attitude, go home, get in tour with your lady or whoever else cause you salty, because the gun gone cause you was broke, didn't have the money to get that day here to save the day, throw your heels up, one more time: everybody rock with your boy.

You can go in the store now, my local I'm in illinois and we're not the most gun friendly state in the world.


That's for another video.

You know gun laws in chicago a little different gun laws in the suburbs.

It's a whole long story, I'm not gonna get into that.

But what I will tell you is we're not the most gun friendly state in the world.

We have to have this thing called a foid card.

I could be wrong, but I do believe we might be the only state that requires a foid card and we have to have that card before we can buy anything.

The card got to be in good standing, can't be expired, any of that and that's what you have to show to even look at a gun.

So you go to store, hey, hey ben, let me see that and then they gonna say.

Let me see your foid card, that's how they do it's like.

Let me see your driver's license when the police pull you.

So this the thing going in my local stores, I got about probably within a 30-minute radius.

I probably got about four or five gun stores.

Okay, every single one of them have some form of say it with me: people layaway, they all got it.

It's it didn't save my life.

Now, I'm not gonna get into how many firearms I own used to own may own may or may not have lost in the boat an accident don't want to get into that.

What I will say is every one of those that I may or may not have could have had one time before I bought on layaway right.

Some of these that happen to show up in my house, like this one sitting over here, layaway this beautiful work of art right here, no magazine in it empty nothing in there, springfield saint, an awesome trigger in it binary.

That is that I will do a video on later, but this baby is empty, uh layaway, how about I'm a showstopper, the glocker, I'm not a glocker.

This is my glock 17.

What the hell is this this is my block 19x empty layaway.

Even if I turn the gun like this and do the thing like this, they both make a l, lay away how about something like this guy 19.

Out of this, let me show you empty: that's a ruger five, seven [ __ ], can't guess how I got it lay away, I'm saying all of that to say this most of the stores they require, like a hundred bucks in my area.

Some stores do percentages down, so you could pay the hundred dollars or you know you do a percentage might be 20 down, but most in my case, most times, 100 bucks.

I come up with 100 bucks.

Now I got some time.

It's usually 30 days.

They start you out with 30, but if you know what, if something come up in the 30 days, I ain't got it.

I just got to redo another background and they're gonna.

Give me another 30 days watch out now and then I come back pay it off.

Take my joy home, I'm good to go.


Also, if you don't have it at your local gun store, I got another trick for you.

They do lay away on the internet.

Go ahead, I'll, wait for everybody to clap.

Yes, so- and I don't really want to- I don't like to advertise these companies because oftentimes these companies don't do anything for us as youtubers, but that's on you to go and google and see who's out there and which one of these online gun stores offered this for you because they are out there.

Okay, they are out there.

I hope I said that right and they offer you layaway.

You get me so all you got to do go on there.

I think a couple of them 20 down whatever it is.

Some of them give you 90 days left 90 days boy 90 days, I could buy a car, and this is- and this all ties in to me myself- being a regular gun guy, okay, so everything I'm saying here today, segways back to me being a regular gun guy, so my goal ultimately is to be relatable to other regular gun.

Guys right, that's that's the thing, so I give us hope, because I can't go out and buy all the two three thousand dollar guns, even with layaway, but I can afford some decent stuff when I got time to get it paid for if that makes sense, so you know what I'm saying you can you can go out, find your gun get your game plan.

The way I tell people is, if you see something you like, and you have zero money and all you got the hundred dollars and you don't know what's coming in next, when the next amount of money coming in then you, you probably don't need to do it, but if you're responsible- and you say, hey man, you know I had a bread in a couple weeks.

I just don't got it today or I might have the money in a month.

I just don't got it today.

Layaway is a perfect option for you.

Okay, so I'm not looking for layaway to pay me.

I don't even know who layaway is.

Don't know the people don't know where they at don't know where the company- I don't even know if it's company it should be anyway lay away.

Don't owe me nothing, I'm doing this from the heart because they have looked out for me.

Okay, you looking to buy your next firearm.

Try it out, there's also another option to me: that's just as good as layaway and I will give well.

No, I'm not I'm not going to get a company, I'm not going to put the cover name out there, but it's a company online as well.

That offers shoot now, pay later stay out there and they give you like up to 90 days same as cash, that's like having a layaway, but you get your gun up front.

That's the difference between it's like it's financing! Now I wouldn't.

I wouldn't advise nobody to go past 90 days, because the interest rate's gonna have you homeless.

You don't want to be homeless.

With your guns, you can't live in your gun, so you want to make sure that you can handle that within 90 days, but the same as cash.

It's just like you just paid out right for it and you have 90 days to get the company they bred and you get your gun sent out to you immediately.

Thank me later.

Thank me in the comments.

If you didn't know this already, whether you knew it already or not.

Definitely leave me a comment and hit the like button.

Shout out to everybody that watch this video do hoosies.


How does layaway work for guns? ›

Layaway Terms

A 25% NON-REFUNDABLE down payment is required to place an item on layaway. NO STORE CREDIT OR REFUNDS for your down payment will be issued if layaway is cancelled or exceeds 6 months. If a weapon is used as down payment, the weapon will be forfeit at the time the layaway is opened.

Can I put guns on layaway at Walmart? ›

Year round you can put jewelry on layaway in the jewelry department. At Christmas time, you can put electronics, toys and some houseware items like toasters, microwaves, electric griddles, etc. on layaway. You cannot put any type of clothing, firearms or ammunition on layaway at any time.

Can I cancel layaway at pawn shop? ›

The balance of the layaway can be paid in three to five (3-5) equal payments, depending on the amount: Customers may choose to cancel their layaway at any time and pay a restocking fee of either $10.00 or 10% (whichever is the greater) of the total sale amount.

Why does my background check say delayed for a gun? ›

A delay response indicates the subject of the background check has been matched with either a state or federal potentially prohibiting record containing a similar name and/or similar descriptive features (name, sex, race, date of birth, state of residence, social security number, height, weight, or place of birth).

Does layaway check your credit? ›

Can Layaway Impact Your Credit Score? Layaway plans have zero impact on your credit scores. The store does not check your credit report to see if you qualify, so a hard inquiry won't be posted on your credit report, and a layaway agreement won't show up as positive payment history.

How does this method of payment work layaway plans? ›

With a layaway plan, a consumer makes a deposit on the sale price of a product, followed by subsequent installment payments and, in return, the store agrees to hold the product in reserve. Upon final payment, the store hands the product over to the consumer.

Why did Walmart stop layaway? ›

However, it remained popular with people with limited disposable income or no credit, and benefited retailers by letting them sell to low-income shoppers at little risk. Walmart discontinued its year-round layaway program in 2006 to cut costs and make room for the ship-to-store service it was starting.

Does Best Buy have a layaway plan? ›

Unfortunately, Best Buy doesn't have a layaway program. Instead, they promote their credit card. If you qualify, the Best Buy credit card does have special offers for interest-free periods. Best Buy does accept buy now, pay later with Affirm.

Does Harbor Freight have layaway? ›

No, HFT does not offer layaway options.

What happens if you can't pay layaway? ›

If you fail to make payments on time or in full, or if you don't pick up your items, your layaway purchase may be cancelled and you will have to pay a cancellation fee. This fee is usually 10% of the total price, but can vary, depending on where you live.

What is reverse layaway? ›

Basically, they're an alternative to traditional credit cards and loans. The consumer buys something (clothes, electronics, etc.) and gets it now (as opposed to traditional layaway in which you need to make all of the payments before taking the item home).”

Why did stores stop layaway? ›

Layaway became common during the Great Depression of the 1930s. It was widely withdrawn during the 1980s, as the ubiquity of credit cards decreased its utility.

What's the longest a gun background check takes? ›

If you don't run into any hiccups, the assessment can run in minutes. However, if there is a NICS delay and it doesn't respond within three days of the background check, the FFL can choose to complete the transaction unless prohibited by state law or hold the firearm.

What causes a NICS denial? ›

A deny message from the NICS indicates the subject of a background check has been matched with a similar name and/or similar descriptive information of a record containing a state law prohibition or any of the following federally prohibitive criteria.

What gun does the FBI carry? ›

The FBI Relies on Glock Gen 5 Handguns

Like many other law enforcement agencies, the FBI relies on the fifth generation of Glock handguns, including the Glock 19 Gen 5 and a Glock 17 Gen 5. These are 9 mm models.

Is layaway buy now pay later? ›

With a BNPL plan, you get the items you're purchasing right away. You'll typically need to make your first payment toward the plan as a deposit, but there's no waiting period to get the merchandise as there is with a layaway plan. On the other hand, a layaway plan can give you more time to pay than a BNPL loan can.

How does credova work for firearms? ›

Credova is a financing platform that allows customers to apply for and receive financing for their firearm purchases. This means that if a customer wants to buy a gun but doesn't have the full amount of money upfront, they can apply for financing through Credova and make their purchase at your store.

Can you put guns on layaway at Bass Pro Shop? ›

We do not offer layaway at our stores, on the internet, or through our catalog.

Does Academy Sports and Outdoors have layaway? ›

​​​We do not currently offer layaway. However, you can use or apply for an Academy credit card! You'll get to enjoy its great benefits and exclusive savings offers. You can get $15 off your first purchase when you spend over $15 the same day you get approved.

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